(Updated 24 June 2024)

Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day

Whether you’re buying just for Dad, or need ideas for a grandad, stepdad or a father figure, we’ve got you covered. Tell Dad how special he is even if you’re on a budget.

Handmade Cards

Get creative with kids and create a card for him to treasure. It’s more thoughtful, cheaper and better than buying a shop-bought one. You can do handprint and footprint cards for babies to get involved too.

Printable Coupon Book

A thoughtful gift you can make from scratch is a coupon book. They can cash it in anytime they like. You can offer anything like free hugs for Dad, a fun day of his choice, a family day of his choice, or a kid-free day to spend as he chooses. Or just leave them blank and let him fill them in. 

Create a Playlist

All you’ll need is a list of his favourite music tracks. Think about his favourite artists, his favourite genre of music, songs he listens to and songs that have special meaning behind them. You can either make a personalised CD or go digital and put it on YouTube, Spotify or Amazon Music to surprise him.

Make his Favourite Meal

Kids may need some help with this one. Get them involved in making his favourite meal by prepping the ingredients, letting them set the table, or bringing him his food. Need recipe ideas? Check out our budget cookbooks if you want to make him something new. 

Create a Dad Poem

Use each letter of his name as the first letter of a word or sentence to describe him.

  • Daddy is the best
  • Always ready to play
  • Does fun things with me

Budgeting for Special Days/Events

We hope you’ve been inspired by some of our low-cost Father’s Day gift ideas. If you’re looking for some help with budgeting for events throughout the year, or just want to get your finances on track, read our guide on budgeting or contact one of our expert advisors today for some individual help.

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