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We are a debt solutions provider, currently helping thousands of UK residents with unaffordable debt.

We can offer you complete and personalised debt advice online, with the option to enter a solution with Angel Advance if there’s one that suits your needs. We have also partnered with Cleanslate® who specialise in Scottish solutions.

Our team is here to help you, either through web chat, or on the phone, and you can request a call-back from a trained advisor at any time.

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How do you apply for a debt solution?

Before applying for any debt solution, from any provider, you first need to get debt advice. You should never start a debt solution without first knowing all the options.

It’s impossible to enter a solution with a regulated organisation without getting debt advice first, so any firm that offers to enter you into a solution straight away is probably unregulated and should be avoided.

Most providers will need you to book a telephone appointment so they can give you initial debt advice. These can be lengthy – usually an hour or more – and not everyone is comfortable discussing their situation with a stranger on the phone. At Angel Advance, we recognise that this can, for some people, be a barrier to getting help, so we have made it as easy and stress free as possible.

Our online service allows you to complete initial debt advice completely online. You don’t need to speak on the phone unless you want to. You don’t even need to provide a phone number, just your email address so you can save your progress and we can email you a copy of our advice.

At the end of your enquiry, we’ll present you with your options, and let you know which one we recommend for you. You then have the option to apply, or you can save your progress and come back later once you’ve taken some time to consider your options. When you’re ready to make an application, it’s simply a case of booking a phone call to discuss your chosen solution in more detail.

If you prefer to get help over the phone from the start, you can book a telephone appointment for a date and time to suit to you. We work hard to design our services to suit you and your needs. Talking about debt is never easy, so communicate with us in whichever way makes you most comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you can’t afford your payments and need a debt solution to help you reduce them, your credit file will be affected. However, if you’ve fallen behind with your repayments, this could already be happening. The impact to your credit file will depend on the solution you choose. Some solutions, like a trust deed, bankruptcy or the Debt Arrangement Scheme will show on your credit file for at least 6 years and will prevent you from getting credit during this time; however, once successfully completed, you will be able to rebuild your credit file from a clean slate.

Unfortunately, some of the firms who advertise using this type of language don’t provide access to all available debt solutions. You shouldn’t consider entering a debt solution until you’ve had advice from an FCA regulated firm which can tell you about all the solutions available to you.

In Scotland, debt write off can be achieved by successfully completing a protected trust deed or a bankruptcy. You should be aware that the level of debt write off in a solution, if any, will be based on the solution you choose and your individual situation. In a protected trust deed, for example, it would be extremely unlikely for 90% of debt to be written off; 50% would be far more realistic.

Before choosing a debt advisor, check that they are regulated by the financial conduct authority to offer ‘debt counselling’ and ‘debt adjusting’. This means that they can give debt advice and offer debt solutions. If they aren’t regulated, they will only tell you about what they can offer which may not be the best option for you and may cause you further problems further down the line.

If you choose a Scottish solution that Cleanslate® can offer, subject to you being able to provide them with the information they need, they can contact your creditors straight away. They can let your creditors know that you’re getting help with your debts and ask for them to stop contacting you.

A trust deed, bankruptcy or Debt Arrangement Scheme administered by Cleanslate could be set up in a matter of days. Once you’ve completed your online advice you will be able to speak to Cleanslate the same day if you’d like to take this forward straight away.

There may be things that you can do yourself to help with your debt problems, like budgeting for example. But if you’re going to need support in reducing payments and dealing with your creditors, how you do this will depend on a variety of factors such, the amount and type of debt you have, your assets, what you do for work and what you can genuinely afford to pay towards your debts.

The most common solutions in Scotland are Trust Deedsbankruptcies and the Debt Arrangement Scheme. Our Scottish partner, Cleanslate® offers all of these solutions in-house.

How We Help You

1. You can get confidential debt advice online or over the phone with us.

2. We’ll recommend the best solutions – completely based on your individual circumstances. We include every available solution in the UK.

3. If you choose a Scottish debt solution, Cleanslate™ will take care of everything. They will speak to your creditors and take care of all the paperwork.

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Millions of UK residents are currently struggling with debt.  If you request help from our team, then you will only find compassion, experience, understanding and confidentiality.

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You don’t need to provide a phone number or an address to get help. You just need to provide your email address and your name, and this is only so you can log back in and work at your own pace.

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You are only ever asked to pay what you can genuinely afford to pay.

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