Furloughed Private renters are worried about paying their rent.

Research carried out by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has revealed that 37% of private renters who have been furloughed are worried about being able to pay their rent when lockdown ends.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an independent social change organisation, has published research which shows that of those people who rent through a private landlord or organisation, more than a third are worried about being able to pay their rent when the lockdown comes to an end. This means that there could be over 250,000 people in this group that may not be in a position to meet their housing costs.

Although changes to the Job Retention scheme. which the Government announced at the beginning of June, aims to prevent a rise in unemployment when the furlough scheme is gradually removed, it is still likely that some workers will lose their jobs, meaning they will be unable to pay their rent. The research suggests that many people may then need to rely on the benefits system for the first time.

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