Eating well on a Budget

Most families struggle with their food shops whilst on a budget. Not just because they want to eat well but because they want to try and please the whole family in the process. We have put together some useful hints and tips to help with eating well on a budget.

Meal planning

Make sure the whole family has an input in the meal planning so they can look forward to meals they have helped plan. This also helps with kids who are fussy eaters! Even something small like getting them to pick a vegetable of their choice to include in a meal gets them involved.

Plan your meals each week before your food shop and make a list of the items you need. This avoids you buying unnecessary food that may go to waste.

Where should I shop?

Online shopping is a great idea for families on a budget, so you only buy what’s on your list. Most supermarkets either offer home delivery or click and collect services.

If you prefer to go to the supermarket, try to avoid the tempting end of isle offers and be strict about sticking to your list.

Saving money whilst eating healthy

Consider switching to cheaper brands if possible. This will save you money in the long run.

Contact your local butcher to see if they have deals on meat bundles. This is usually the case and can save you a lot of money whilst knowing the quality is great.

Try using frozen fruit and vegetables instead of fresh. Not only will this prevent waste, they come pre-chopped, ready to use and are just as good for you.

Meat can be an expensive part of your food bill which is why some families have at least one meat free meal per week to keep costs down. Using beans and pulses is a great meat replacement are low in fat and calories.

What about leftovers?

Leftovers are great to save for your lunches the following day or to freeze for another day.

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