Make the most of your #COVIDCHRISTMAS

With the pandemic likely to disrupt our festive period, we look at ways you can save money to help you enjoy this #covidchristmas.

When COVID-19 first hit the UK in February this year, it seemed unfathomable that we would still be impacted by the pandemic at Christmas, but following the UK’s second spike in cases, our fears are now becoming a reality. But don’t let the pandemic turn you into a Grinch: pull up your stockings, don your Santa hat and let’s look at ways we can make the most out of the UK’s favourite holiday.


Do all of your Christmas shopping online – avoid the crowds, look for online discount codes, and use price comparison websites, such as Kelkoo, to find the best deals.

Make or recycle your own Christmas decorations – get inventive by making baubles, Christmas hangings and reefs. Pinterest has some great ideas!

Get saving! Think of the money that you are no longer spending on socialising, commuting, dining, and drinking out; set up a savings account and put this money aside – you can also use a money-saving app called Plum to help. According to The Office for National Statistics, Britons saved a whopping £54.6billion due to cutbacks and involuntary savings between April and June this year.

Go vegan! By switching to a vegan Christmas dinner, you could save yourself up to £56.00 according to money-saving app Chip, and with the UK launching more and more vegan products over the last few years, it has never been easier.

Only buy gifts for your immediate family members. Whilst large swathes of the country will likely be unable to mingle with other households at Christmas, save money by only buying gifts for the people in your home or social bubble. Or why not suggest Secret Santa instead? Agree on a maximum budget and you’ll only have one person to buy for.

Have you taken advantage of the lockdown to grow and perfect your own fruit or veg? Why not turn them into jams, preserves, or pickles, and gift them to your family!

Stay at home and enjoy the lead-up to Christmas from your own living room. VisitEngland reported that more than 14 million Britons planned overnight trips during last year’s festive season, however, as Christmas Markets are being cancelled all over the country, heat up some mulled wine, grab a mince pie, and put on your favourite Christmas films instead.

Your Christmas office party will more-than-likely be cancelled which means you won’t have to buy over-priced Christmas cocktails, dazzling new dresses or snappy suits. If your Christmas party is being held on Zoom, you’ll only have to buy the top part of your outfit!

Claim any benefits you might be entitled to due to the pandemic and use this extra cash to help pay for Christmas – use the Benefits Calculator on the Turn2Us website to check your eligibility:

Don’t feel the crunch this Christmas, adapt to a #COVIDCHRISTMAS

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