(Updated 3 August 2023)

Debt Relief Order – Is a DRO right for me?

What our clients say

Before applying for a debt solution, you’ve likely done some research about what will happen to your debts and what it will mean for you and your situation.

We know that seeking debt advice is overwhelming and that deciding which solution is best can be daunting, so, we spoke to some of our clients who have had a Debt Relief Order and are now on the other side.

‘Mr N’ owed more than £17,000 across many creditors, his 12-month moratorium period is now up, he’s debt free and said he feels ‘relieved’ that he doesn’t need to call his creditors any longer, and on top of that has a complete fresh start.

Although Debt Relief Orders are formal debt solutions, which means a knock-on impact to credit file, many of our clients, such as ‘Mr & Mrs R’ below feel it’s more than worth it.

‘Mr & Mrs R’ who’ve both completed successful Debt Relief Orders and had over £23,000 written off said “We found the process very easy with the assistance of Angel Advance who were extremely professional, understanding, and helpful at all times. The amount of relief we have found after our debts have been resolved is immense, allowing us to move on with our lives without the burden of debt. We cannot thank Angel Advance enough for giving us peace of mind.”

If you’re like Mr N or Mr & Mrs R, struggling with your debts and what seems like no way out, we can help.

Worrying about your debts or having to speak to somebody shouldn’t be the reason you don’t get debt advice. We offer the option to use our Online Debt Advice Tool, speak to an experienced advisor on the phone or to email us at info@angeladvance.co.uk; it’s entirely your decision.

Don’t have an account with us and are looking for debt advice?

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Angel Advance provides online debt advice to get you back on track and make your finances more manageable.

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