Christmas Debt Advice

Christmas Debt Advice

Starting to worry about the credit card or buy now, pay later bill arriving in January? 

Don’t wait until the New Year to get debt advice, you can get debt advice anytime online before January. 

Get a Head Start on Your New Year Budget 

New Year, new budget? In January 2023 we saw close to a 100% increase in people coming to us for debt advice, in comparison to the previous month (December 2022). We have advisors on hand throughout December, so rest assured if you need help, we’ll be available. You can also access debt advice online anytime and can communicate via email and live chat if you’d prefer. If you want to take the first steps before the new year, you can get in touch now to have a solution in place and peace of mind over the festive period.  

Christmas Debt Advice Before 2024 

When you get debt advice, we’ll help you create a budget so you can go into the new year with something already set up. January payday always seems so far away, so if you want to make your December pay last, head to our guide to read our tips. You can also check out our advice on budgeting here too.

Our Christmas Opening Hours 

Please remember you can get debt advice anytime using our online tool, but if you’d prefer to speak to someone, you can book an appointment at a time that suits you.  

  • 22nd December: 9am-5pm 
  • 23rd December: Closed 
  • 24th December: Closed 
  • Christmas Day: Closed 
  • Boxing Day: Closed 
  • 27th December: 9am-4pm 
  • 28th December: 9am-4pm 
  • 29th December: 9am-4pm 
  • 30th December: Closed 
  • 31st December: Closed 
  • 1st January: Closed 
  • 2nd January: 9am-7pm 

Get in Touch Today 

December can be a tough time when it comes to managing your finances. There are so many social occasions, things to buy and budgeting goes out the window. If you’d like to start getting on top of your finances, speak to our expert debt advisors today. You can call us, or get debt advice using our online tool – whichever option suits you best. 

Don’t have an account with us and are looking for debt advice?

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Angel Advance provides online debt advice to get you back on track and make your finances more manageable.

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