(Updated 30 May 2024)

Easter on a Budget

Easter Eggs

Make Easter extra special no matter what your budget is. The long weekend can mean extra activities and expenses, but you don’t have to break the bank. Read our low-cost Easter ideas for food, activities and gifts below. 

Handmade Cards & Easter Crafts

Crack out the kids’ craft supplies to make homemade cards and other crafts to keep the kids busy and the costs low. It’s a lot more thoughtful and better than shop-bought ones if you’re making cards for family members. You can do handprint and footprint cards for babies to get involved too. Search for ‘kids easter crafts’ to get ideas.

Easter Egg Hunt

It’s the best Easter tradition – the good old traditional egg hunt. To make it more cost-efficient, you can get some cheap refillable eggs from the supermarket and pop your own treats inside. Whether you go for chocolate, sweets, money or even write down your own prizes like an extra 15 minutes of screen time, it’s a great way to add some excitement to the day. 

Bake Some Easter Treats

Whip up some Easter treats to keep the cost down even further. Easter eggs can be expensive, and while there are some good budget options in supermarkets, homemade is always impressive. You can easily find Easter baking recipes online and instantly get inspired! For example, you could make mini egg cookies, a show-stopping cheesecake for less, or even use up leftover Easter eggs to make brownies and stretch the treats and the budget further. 

Easter Lunch at Home

If the budget is tight, give the restaurant a miss and make lunch at home. In the UK, a favourite for Easter is usually a lamb roast dinner. While it’s a tradition, it can be expensive to buy that cut of meat. Look for alternatives in the supermarket that are more budget-friendly, or you could risk shopping late and look for yellow-stickered items to snap up a bargain.

Attend Church

Go to an Easter service; it’s a big part of any Easter celebration for many families. One bonus is it’s free to attend and you don’t have to be regular churchgoers to appreciate the story behind the holiday. You’ll also meet with other families in your community.

Budgeting for Special Days and Events

We hope you’ve been inspired by some of our low-cost Easter activities and gift ideas – if you’re looking for some help with budgeting for events throughout the year or just want to get your finances on track, read our guide on budgeting, or contact one of our expert advisors today if you’d like some individual help.

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