(Updated 28 February 2024)

Joint Debt Advice: What You Need To Know

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Want to get joint debt advice to deal with your debts together? Read our latest blog to learn more about the best options for you both and how it would affect your situation.

The Online Process for Joint Debt Advice

When you get debt advice online, we’ll ask whether the debt advice is for just you, or for you and your partner together. We will always give you all the debt advice options for you together and individually too. To receive joint advice, we ask for both your and your partner’s contact details, as well as your financial information. This will include your income and spending information and your debt details.

Once we have all your details and have worked out how much you can afford to pay towards your debts, we’ll show you:

  • Options for dealing with your debts together
  • Options for dealing with your debts separately

Why Should I Get Joint Debt Advice?

Getting joint debt advice ensures your full household situation is considered before we recommend options for dealing with your debts. We also make sure that any debt solution we offer is affordable and in your and your partner’s best interests.

Some debt solutions are only available to individuals, not couples, so you and your partner may be recommended two separate solutions where a joint one is not available. There may also be circumstances where it’s quicker and cheaper for you to deal with your debts separately. So, getting joint debt advice can be beneficial if you are a shared household with shared finances; you’ll be able to see all the options available to you and how they’ll affect both your household, and each other before you make a decision.

How To Get Joint Debt Advice

To find out the best debt solution for you individually and together, you can speak to our expert debt advisors or get debt advice using our online tool.

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