(Updated 26 September 2023)

The End of The Universal Credit Uplift

end of universal credit uplift

Originally brought in as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, the universal credit uplift comes to an end in October. If you are one of the 6 million people thought to be affected by the end of the universal credit uplift it can be incredibly worrying, especially as it coincides with the end of furlough. With than in mind, we’re answering your questions on the end of the universal credit uplift from simply when it ends to what extra support is available for you.

What is the universal credit uplift?

The universal credit uplift provides an extra £20 a week to those who claim universal credit and working tax credits. It was heavily relied upon during the Coronavirus pandemic, however, in July 2021, following the lifting of all legal restrictions, the Government announced that the uplift would not be extended and the £20 uplift to universal credit would be withdrawn.

When does the universal credit uplift end?

The Universal Credit Uplift ends on 6th October 2021. However, your final payment may differ depending on your payment date.

Will the universal credit uplift be extended?

Despite heavy criticism of its imminent withdrawal that will leave those with no or low incomes considerably worse off, the Government have repeatedly reinforced that they will not extend the universal credit uplift.

What support is available to me after the universal credit uplift?

With roughly 6 million people claiming universal credit in the UK, the end of the universal credit uplift is going to impact a lot of people and their finances. If you are affected by the end of the universal credit uplift, there are numerous solutions to help you financially.


A reduction in income is always a struggle, therefore it is appropriate to start planning your finances and budgets accordingly to make sure that the £20 weekly decrease doesn’t leave you in financial hardship.

With roughly three weeks until the termination of the universal credit uplift, now is a great time to readjust your budget and see how it will impact your finances and spending.

Alternative benefits to universal credit

If you find that the end of the universal credit uplift will negatively impact your finances, there are other avenues of financial support available.

The main benefit available is the new-style Jobseeker’s Allowance. You may be able to claim this alongside Universal Credit depending on your circumstances.There are also other benefits available that you may be entitled to, use our benefits calculatos to help you determine what you may be eligible for.

Debt advice

An £80 a month reduction in universal credit will cause a significant financial impact for many UK households. If you notice that you are struggling to make ends meet following the UC reduction then there is plenty of debt and financial support available to you.

Our FREE, no obligation debt advice tool can guide you, step by step, through the solutions that are available to you, without you having to talk to anyone over the phone.

We hope we have been able to answer your questions regarding the end of the universal credit uplift. However, if you still have concerns, speak to one of our debt advisors or use our free online debt advice tool

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