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Debt Awareness Week 2024

Debt Awareness Week 2024

Running from 18th-24th March this year, debt advice charity StepChange hosts an annual campaign, ‘Debt Awareness Week’ (DAW), which aims to shine the spotlight on the experiences of people dealing with various types of debt.

For their 10th annual awareness campaign, StepChange have chosen to focus on the main barriers people face when getting debt advice and how it can prevent them from getting their finances back on track. If you’d like to know more about Debt Awareness Week and how it could help you overcome barriers you’re facing, then carry on reading this article. 

What is Debt Awareness Week? 

Having supported Debt Awareness Week for a number of years, we understand how many different obstacles there are to overcome when it comes to dealing with your debts. First launched back in 2014, StepChange created this awareness week to spread the word about the problems, anxieties and struggles which are often linked to debt and how it can affect our financial, physical and mental health. 

Being open and honest about debt helps to reassure those dealing with debt that they are not alone, and that there are helpful resources and companies available to support them. Especially over the past few years, many have dealt with the consequences of the cost of living crisis and may have found themselves in debt for the very first time. 

At Angel Advance, we know that dealing with debt can feel daunting, but our expert advisors are here to help you every step of the way in a friendly and non-judgemental manner. 

What is the Theme for 2024?

As previously mentioned, the theme for Debt Awareness Week 2024 is all about breaking down the barriers to getting debt advice. According to StepChange, the top five biggest barriers to seeking debt advice are: 

  1. Not understanding how debt advice could help them
  2. Worrying about loved ones finding out about their debts 
  3. Fears around their credit score and not being able to borrow more money 
  4. Mental health making it harder to take the first step 
  5. Not having the proper amount of time to seek debt advice and get help

According to a recent study undertaken by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS), they found that there are two groups of people who both need debt advice, but did not receive it: people who need debt advice but actively do not get it, and those who try to get it, but do not receive it. They also noted that other key barriers to receiving debt advice were for reasons such as: finding it too overwhelming and embarrassing, thinking that short-term fixes work, not being able to share all the information, having other priorities and so on. 

Though these are only a few reasons why people may struggle to get debt advice, there are many other reasons which are unique to each individual and their situation. No matter which walk of life you come from or whether you’ve been in debt before or not, we can help you to tackle your debts – starting with confidential debt advice. 

How Can I Get Involved in Debt Awareness Week 2024?

There are various ways you can participate in DAW, either if you’re looking to overcome a barrier which has been holding you back, or you want to support a loved one who is struggling to start the debt advice journey. Debt Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity to start the conversation with family, friends, trusted colleagues and of course our expert debt advisors if you want to take the first step. 

Here at Angel Advance, we offer multiple ways of getting debt advice, including through our 24/7 available online debt advice tool. Our online tool allows you to input your information and access debt advice online any time, day or night. Or, if you’d prefer to speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors, you can contact us via phone, email or WhatsApp

If you’re not ready to get debt advice right now, but you’re thinking about it, we’re always on-hand to discuss the benefits of getting debt advice, explain how it works and what information you’ll need to start your journey.  

Debt Advisors You Can Trust 

Finding ways to overcome the barriers which may be preventing you from getting debt advice is an important first step. For trustworthy, professional and understanding help with your debts, contact our team at Angel Advance and visit our Help & Guidance page for further information.

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