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What does our free debt advice include?

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You’ll get your recommendation on-screen straightaway – no need for a call back

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Complete our online debt advice tool at your own pace

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Prefer to speak to one of our experienced Debt Advisors – book an appointment

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Connect to your credit file so we can quickly gather details of your debts

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Understand what solutions are available to help you become debt-free

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Explore the benefits, costs and risks of different debt solutions

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Receive a full breakdown of your debt advice by email

What is not free?

If you sign up for solution with Angel Advance to help you manage your debts moving forwards, fees will apply. The fee charged will depend on the solution chosen. Angel Advance charges a monthly fee to administer debt management plans. Fees are included within the monthly payments to the plan. We may also receive referral fees when referring an IVA to our partners.

To find out more about managing your money and getting free and impartial debt advice, visit, an independent service set up to help people manage their money.

A flexible and hassle-free repayment arrangement to help you get back on track with your finances

A debt management plan is an arrangement that we make with your creditors to reduce your repayments and pay-back all of your debt over a longer period of time. We’ll help you to work out what you need to pay out for each month and what you have left-over to pay off your debts.

If your situation changes, the arrangement can be changed to suit you, and it’s easy to cancel if you decide you no longer need the plan. You’ll pay a monthly fee to us to manage your debts, but this is taken from your repayment so you only ever pay what you can afford.

For a for more information on an DMP, and a full list of all the advantages and disadvantages. Please click here.

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Make one affordable monthly payment to us and we’ll manage the payments to your creditors for you.

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We deal with your lenders on your behalf, taking care of all the hassle and paperwork.

How do you apply for a Debt Management Plan?

Before applying for any debt solution, from any provider, you first need to get debt advice. You should never start a debt solution without first knowing all the options.

It’s impossible to enter a solution with a regulated organisation without getting debt advice first, so any firm that offers to enter you into a solution straight away is probably unregulated and should be avoided.

Most providers will need you to book a telephone appointment so they can give you debt advice. These can be lengthy – usually an hour or more – and not everyone is comfortable discussing their situation with a stranger on the phone. At Angel Advance, we recognise that this can, for some people, be a barrier to getting help, so we have made it as easy and stress free as possible.

Our online service allows you to complete debt advice completely online. You don’t need to speak on the phone unless you want to. You don’t even need to provide a phone number, just your email address so you can save your progress and we can email you a copy of our advice.

At the end of your enquiry, we’ll present you with your options, and let you know which one we recommend for you. You then have the option to apply online, or you can save your progress and come back later, once you’ve taken some time to consider your options.

If you prefer to get help over the phone, you can book a telephone appointment for a date and time to suit to you. We work hard to design our services to suit you and your needs. Talking about debt is never easy, so communicate with us in whichever way makes you most comfortable.

Key advantages of DMP’s:

We will manage the contact with your creditors and provide them everything they need. So, as long as you keep in touch with us, your creditors shouldn’t need to contact you.

You will just make one monthly payment to us, instead of paying all of your creditors individually.

In the vast majority (99.48%) of cases, creditors will stop applying interest and charges, so the money you pay will come straight off the balance.

You will have an online account which you can use to view your account and make changes.

If your circumstances change, we will renegotiate the payments with your creditors.

Key Disadvantages of DMP’s:

Your creditors don’t have to agree to the repayment, or to freeze interest and charges.

A debt management plan doesn’t protect you from further recovery or legal action from your creditors.

Your credit rating will be impacted because you’ll be paying reduced amounts to each creditor. If you’ve been missing payments to your debts it is likely that your credit report will already have been impacted.

Frequently asked questions

A DMP doesn’t involve any legal process and it doesn’t need agreement from your creditors, which means that it can be very quick to set up. We’ll need to confirm your identity (we can often do this electronically) and you’ll need to sign a document giving us authority to deal with your creditors. You’ll also need to provide us with your creditor names and, ideally, any reference numbers. Once we have this information, we can start to contact your creditors to let them know we’re helping you – again, this can be signed electronically.

This means that, in theory, a DMP can be set up on the same day that you get advice.

Once your creditors are aware that we’re acting for you, they will usually stop contacting you straight away. It can take a few days for the request to get to the right department, and there may be some correspondence already in the pipeline to be sent to you. Statements and standard notices will still be sent directly to you, but these are for information, not a demand for payment.

If you’re contacted by any of your creditors in the early stages of your DMP you can just let them know that you’re getting help from us and ask them to call us instead.

No. You must ask our permission before incurring any further debts because increasing your borrowing could affect the viability of your plan. You’ll struggle to get further credit whilst in a debt management plan anyway because you probably won’t be able to demonstrate that you can afford to repay it.

We will charge £50 for the first 6 months of your plan, then £39.50 per month every month thereafter. The fees are taken from your monthly payment. Our monthly fees will never exceed 49% of your agreed repayment.

We can include debts such as bank account overdrafts, credit cards, catalogues, store cards, unsecured loans and payday loans.

It is essential that you continue to make payments on secured debts such as mortgages and car hire purchase agreements because if you fail to keep up repayments to these debts, the lender may consider legal action or repossession. You must also maintain payments for priority debts including rent, council tax, gas and electricity as failure to maintain these repayments could lead to (in the case of rent) eviction, or the loss of essential goods or services. For more information, please see our different types of debt page.

You will also still be responsible for paying student loan repayments and payments required by the Child Support Agency.

We account for the need to maintain these payments when we calculate your monthly payment.

If you’ve been struggling to pay your debts, your credit rating may have already been affected. Lenders report to credit reference agencies when payments are missed, or when reduced payments are made. They can also register a default to show that you couldn’t keep up with your payments. Information about missed payments and defaults will show on your credit file for 6 years and will affect your ability to obtain credit.

You can cancel your debt management plan at any time by giving us 28 days’ notice. There is no cost to cancel. If you change your mind within the first 14 days of your plan (cooling-off period), you may be entitled to a refund of any fees that you have paid.

How We Help You

1. You can get confidential debt advice online or over the phone with us.

2. We’ll recommend the best solutions – completely based on your individual circumstances. We include every available solution in the UK.

3. If you choose a debt solution with us, then we take care of everything. We speak to your lenders and take care of all the paperwork, We do it all for you.

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Our promise to you

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You are not alone

Millions of UK residents are currently struggling with debt. If you request help from our team, then you will only find compassion, experience, understanding and confidentiality.

Helping people with debt is their full-time job. Your wellbeing is at the heart of our service.

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No Hassle

You don’t need to provide a phone number or an address to get help. You just need to provide your email address and your name, and this is only so you can log back in and work at your own pace.

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Low Cost

We work tirelessly to bring down the cost of the debt solutions we provide. The more we drive down costs – the quicker our clients get debt free.

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All The Facts

We will always give you all the information, clearly and as easy to understand as possible.

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